John Gilmore's Press Photos

These next four photos are licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY License.
  • Head shot from 1999 (1.8MB TIFF)
  • Face shot from 2001 (0.1MB PNG)
  • Same shot in medium resolution (1.0MB JPEG)
  • Head shot from 2005 at Burning Man festival (2.1MB JPEG)
  • Head shot from 2023 (1659x1915 3.8MB PNG)
  • Commercial Photos (available only by arrangement with the photographer) by XXX

  • 1994 black&white shot in concrete bunker (9.7MB TIFF)
  • 1994 color shot, balancing on slack rope over ocean (3.2MB TIFF)
  • Other Commercial Photos of John Gilmore may be available at a price from:

  • Maggie Hallahan
  • Jeremy Bigwood
  • John Gilmore's home page